In order to create significant change, we believe that everyone who benefits from batteries must have some level of responsibility in their disposal. A coordinated, national approach to battery recycling is critical to success. That’s why the Alliance for Responsible Battery Recycling (ARBR) is formed to synchronize the stakeholders of the battery sector towards preventing the potential hazards from used batteries and the pollution from dirty battery recycling in Nigeria.

Working with Battery Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors, Retailers, Recyclers, Users Renewable Energy Operators, Environmental Groups, and Governments across the country, the Alliance will execute programmes and projects that promote the removal of used batteries from the normal waste stream, ensure thei r envi ronmental ly sound recycling, build capacity and knowledge, and create public awareness on the hazards of improper battery disposal.

Used batteries have an economic value based on the market cost of metals contained in them especially lead. Used batteries contain recyclable metals and materials that can be recovered for the production of new batteries. Recovery of lead from batteries is easier and requires significantly less energy than producing primary lead from ore.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
and Product Stewardship Programme.

Battery producers must take the opportunity to lead the design and implementation a nationwide approach to battery recycling. However, because the cost of recycling is currently far greater than disposal, it is crucial to a battery program’s success that everyone plays a role and shares responsibility.

Retailers, Recyclers, Businesses, Environmental Groups, Governments and Consumers all need to come together to minimize the depletive impact that batteries can have on our environment and vital natural resources.

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ARBR believes that battery manufacturers regardless of whether their facilities are domestic or foreign should support the costs of recycling

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